Addressing Hacker Group Anonymous About a Job

 anonymous job address

 Anonymous Job Search by Brendan Mcloughlin

Unemployment is a bitch. Wait. Not a bitch. A super ugly, bitch—in heat…that’s drunk, wants sex and verbally abuses you in front of friends and family. It can leave anyone feeling dejected , hopeless and demoralized.

Luckily, there’s still one place left to try.

If you have problem finding a job, if no one else is hiring and you can find them. Maybe you can get hired by The A…nonymous Team.

This plea brought to you by Brendan Mcloughlin. He has a blogs the shit out of comedy on his here. Check him out.


EltonElton, a steamy sexual dynamo, is a comedy writing loser from Pennsylvania. He’s the author of several failed attempts at books, cartoons and occasionally writes articles at Funnyordie for Will Ferrell to ignore. You can check out more of his pants shittingly funny mumbling at Elton Says Things (his super tits blog!) What that means…he doesn’t even know.


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