Addressing Hacker Group Anonymous About a Job

 anonymous job address

 Anonymous Job Search by Brendan Mcloughlin

Unemployment is a bitch. Wait. Not a bitch. A super ugly, bitch—in heat…that’s drunk, wants sex and verbally abuses you in front of friends and family. It can leave anyone feeling dejected , hopeless and demoralized.

Luckily, there’s still one place left to try. [Read more...]

Overtime – A Call of Duty Live Action Parody

The sketch comedy duo, Papaya Brothers, are video game fanatics, NewYorkFreshMaker & ManDownTown. In this Call of Duty live action parody they are challenged to a private match by two merciless gamers and forced to enlist a group of two-bit players to help defend their honor (and egos). For more videos by The Papaya Brothers, check out their YouTube page :

Sully. The Terrible Bartender. – KOKOMO

 sully the bartender


Comedy Rants  columnist Justin Morgan had finished basic training at the Upright Citizens Brigade Training Center in New York, and was just accepted into the advanced sketch writing program. He was working television production on the IFC show “Bunk” with some funny people and they decided to get together under a common moniker and make a company … KOKOMO was born.

This sketch, Sully, wound up being kind of a sudden thing. They had booked the Creek and The Cave, an indie comedy venue in Long Island City, for a much more complex sketch but at the last minute several cast members couldn’t make it. So Justin sat down and wrote a character sketch that could fit their setting. It wasn’t written conventionally. But that’s part of the charm.


Drunken Kickstarter – Brendan McLoughlin

drunk kickstarter

A web series creator tries to raise funds for his next project via a promotional video on Kickstarter. Oh, did I mention he is completely wasted?

Good Parenting – Scratchy Dog Productions


Good Parenting is a funny childrearing fantasy web series produced by Scratchy Dog Productions, a small production company based out of New York. They started out as a chance for a few friends to be creative and hopefully make a few people laugh…And then laugh some more. They now have over 18 videos and have been featured on Funny or Die and

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Carolyn Meeks Video Diary: New Year’s Resolutions

Our friendly neighborhood ranter Carolyn Meeks counts down her goals for 2012.


Jenn Dodd

Jenn Dodd is a New York based character actress and comedian who loves to poke fun at mankind’s collective social awkwardness. Her character work focuses primarily on the wonderfully bizarre nature of every day people.

Carolyn Meeks Video Diary: Artist Retreat

Carolyn Meeks is a singer and an actress in the Big Apple and she has many, many feelings and opinions on pretty much everything. Carolyn visits Lady Jessica’s Artist’s Sanctuary and encounters “Dirty Gross Pervert-Hippies Who Call Themselves Artist!” This rant is what results…

Written and performed by Jenn Dodd
Edited by Sharon Jamilkowski



Jenn Dodd

Jenn Dodd is a New York based character actress and comedian who loves to poke fun at mankind’s collective social awkwardness. Her character work focuses primarily on the wonderfully bizarre nature of every day people.

Timmy and Toehead – Timmy’s Nightmare


After a confrontation with Toehead’s step-dad Glynn over vegetables, Timmy has a nightmare that will change his outlook on eating healthy. This is the 5th episode in the animated web series “Timmy and Toehead” featuring: Will Dodd, Jenn Dodd, Sharon Jamilkowski, Percy Lambert and Dallas Dodd from Willustrations and Hungry Productions LLC, originally airing on the podcast I’ve Got Munchies 10.31.2011.


The Walken Dead – POYKPAC Comedy

Walken-DeadPOYKPAC Comedy makes you go, “What the FFFFF…unny?!?”

This Brooklyn based comedy troupe consists of funny people named Jenn Lyon, Maggie Ross, Ryan Hall, Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen. They had a little help from our friend Justin Morgan in The Walken Dead.

Imaginary F**king with Megan Lent – John Cusack

Imaginary Fucking with Megan Lent – Part 3 of 4

See part 1 and part 2 of this series.

I think everyone has at least one fictional or deceased person who they’d absolutely love to bang. I have many. I know that this is weird concept. I also know that I like it. It’s like vaginas; they look like little aliens, but I still like having one. Of course, for breakfast this morning, I dipped powdered sugar donuts in a Go Girl. Just because I like something, doesn’t make it normal.

I am not an idiot. I know that John Cusack is a real person, and I also know that he is currently alive (I mean, if you consider having to pretend to like Jeremy Piven living). But I do not want to have sex with John Cusack. I want to have sex with John Cusack. I want the skinny dark-eyed Irish boy wearing a trench coat outside of my bedroom window, discussing improvements in walkie-talkie technology with Anthony Michael Hall and arguing about records with Jack Black. I want to say things like, “ooh, you can blast in MY eyes” (get it? Like Say Anything…? But with semen?) and “ooh, you can run away with MY jury” (like a vagina!) and “ooh, you must love dogs…and…like….pussy.”

I think that women such as myself who grew up surrounded by the Cus, have been spoiled for real-life romance: I only really want to date people that Johnny C has played. (Or voiced. The con man he “played” in Anastasia is kind of totally dreamy for an animated Russian.) I used to date a guy whose name was only two letters off from his sister’s name solely because this reminded me of the John/Joan Cusack dynamic. My closest male friend is pretty much Lloyd Dobler: he’s sensitive and emotional and listens to me play fake femme punk songs about boys I secretly still love, and I loaned him a pen once and he was like, “she gave me a pen and I gave her my heart,” except he didn’t say heart, he said “bagel,” but that’s beside the point. The Grosse Point Blank, if you will. John Cusack is probably an abominable human being whose onscreen persona has ruined me for actual, three-dimensional people, but I will definitely always be in love with him (or the fake-him, or whatever; this is too meta, even for me).

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Megan Lent

Megan Lent is a wonderfully unsuccessful blogger who likes to whine about literature at, and occasionally contributes to the steamy world of small-press fiction at Metazen and Housefire. She was the 62nd best speller in California in eighth grade, and used to run a brothel out of her parents’ house in Chicago. She lives in LA.