Funny Hip-Hop Homie Hardcore Boris


Comedy music video sensation “Hardcore Boris” is Boris Khaykin. Khaykin’s video/TV credits include Comedy Central, Gawker, Laughspin, High Times, and He’s performed stand up in numerous festivals and was featured on ‘Live at UCB’ as well as Collegehumor Live (1/26). Hardcore Boris is a frequent guest and contributor at The Chris Gethard Show where he has rapped and once made out with a live dog. In addition to stand up, Boris performs improv and rap with North Coast, raps on The Ride, and runs a blog as ‘The Water Connoisseur.’

Keeping it Too Real – TMC (Tom McCaffrey), Hardcore Boris & Ray Devito


Short Term Relationship – Hardcore Boris and Beena Steena (Mara Herron)


Mara did a ton of rollerskating in this video. I had a lot less experience, so the helmet was half comedic choice and half legitimate precaution. Mara, on the other hand, hit something on the ground at one point causing her to trip and ended up turning the fall into a split. The footage wasnt steady enough to put into the music video but I have a feeling we’ll put be putting it online cause it was such a gnarly save.  – Boris Khaykin

  • Killy

    Love HARDCORE BORIS! Wooooooot!