Museum of Morgan – I Can Dream About You

Navigating The Music Video Landscape
Video: “I Can Dream About You”
Artist: Dan Hartman
Year: 1984


 Remember music videos? A now long lost art form thanks to MTV2 programming such as “Jersey Shore,” “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” Now – we slink away into the internet searching for our fix. On YouTube lies all of the nostalgia that comes with lip syncing and staring directly into the camera (or away for dramatic effect.) I just so happen to love the bad ones.

Now let’s clear the air right off the bat. I LOVE this song. It’s great. It’s the kinda song that I normally kill a bottle or three of sake to while belting it out in private room korean Karaoke. Such a fantastic tune deserves a fantastic music video right? Huh? WRONG.

The first half of this music video is literally the lead singer just tending bar at trendy night spot while casually mouthing the lyrics and pouring drinks with no flare or showmanship whatsoever. Somebody show this guy “Cocktail”. Meanwhile, the female lead (the lady who shows her chesticles in the film “Just One Of The Guys”), plays a video jukebox and then stares up at a TV monitor showing a live performance by an R&B group (The video on the screen is actually footage from the TV movie “Streets Of Fire”). To clarify. The first half of this four and a half minute long music video is a bartender pouring drinks and a lady watching a TV!

What’s really weird about this entire situation is that our faithful songsmith, Hartman, spends so much time avoiding making eye contact with the camera that he completely forgets to hit on the girl. Then, when he does, it’s almost as if he isn’t flirting … he’s in a staring contest with dumb lighting effects on his eyes.

It isn’t until the three minute mark that he randomly – FOR NO DISCERNIBLE REASON – decides to hop up on the bar he has been tending to (obvious health code violation) and begins to dance. Finally! Some action! With one problem. Both Hartman and his LOVER are completely inept at dancing. They use cut sequences to show someone else’s feet cooly grooving to the music. But then when they cut to wider shots revealing the duo, he seems only skilled in the white boy shuffle and she merely bobs up and down like a broken top with a weird haircut.

The best, and strangest, part of the video is when the final verse comes in, this bartender turns away from his gorgeous dance partner to sing directly at a TV screen showing the aforementioned music video. He can’t sing to us. He can’t sing to her. But he can sing to the dudes on screen. Huh?

Finally, as the song ends, this guy jumps off the bar and helps down his lady. They share a laugh and as the video fades to black, the nervous bartender we have been rooting for all along suddenly stares directly through your computer screen into your soul with the most evil grin possibly since the end of “Psycho”.

What. The. Fuck. I still love you “I Can Dream About You” but your creepy daddy scares me.


Justin Morgan

Justin Morgan is a comedy nerd & comedian who was initially trained in musical, dramatic and improvisational theatre. He utilizes his education along with a wealth of pop culture knowledge, love of jokes and unique storytelling ability to craft his stand-up act. His peers named him “Best New Comedian” in 2009 and the “Biggest Asset To The Atlanta Comedy Community” two years in a row. Recently he’s stepped away from behind the scenes work to focus on performing after his recent move to New York.