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Navigating The Music Video Landscape
Video: “Lotus Flower”
Artist: Radiohead
Year: 2011


Thom-lotus-flower funny

Remember music videos? A now long lost art form thanks to MTV2 programming such as “Jersey Shore,” “16 & Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” Now – we slink away into the internet searching for our fix. On YouTube lies all of the nostalgia that comes with lip syncing and staring directly into the camera (or away for dramatic effect.) I just so happen to love the bad ones.

I remember February 18th, 2011 very clearly.

I woke from my slumber to find that two glorious surprises were waiting for me. It was “Christmas Two! The Sequel!” and it promised to be better faster and more fancy than the original. Not really. But for this dumb Radiohead fan it was. Some people are fans of what my roommate lovingly likes to refer to as “button-pushing drakular music.” Some people are not. I am the former in this category. A Radiohead-ed mega fan. And on February 18th, 2011 the band had not only made their new album available for download (gasp!) but had also released their first official music video in over four years (shock! awe!)

I quickly downloaded the album and saved it for the road trip I was to take within the next hour, and as I waited I got a glimpse of what Thom Yorke had up his sleeves for his legion of followers. Radiohead is notorious for creating thought provoking & mind boggling short films to accompany their musical ventures. This was not what I found. What I found was … fucking … ridiculous.

I have to imagine the pitch meeting for this video went something like this (keep in mind they are British):

Rest Of The Band: Awright then. Our lead single is “Low-tus Flowah.” Does anyone got any ideas for a mew-sic video?

Thom: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii dooooooooo.

Rest Of The Band: Very good Thom. Have at then will you!

Thom: Well. Here’s what I fink. I feel like dancin’.

Rest Of The Band: Dancing! I fink we can do that. Let’s just hi-ah a choreograph-ah.

Thom: No need. I feel a bit like just movin’ round’ like a fucking nutter!

Rest Of The Band: Well then. That does sound fun. I fink we could all use a bit of a dance.

Thom: NO! ONLY ME! (long pause) And I want to weah a bowla cap!

Rest Of The Band: But you’re going to look like a bloody twat.


Rest Of The Band: Why the bollocks do you spell your name that way?

Thom: Because I’m a tortured artist.

Rest Of The Band: Sounds like you.

And SCENE! Trust me internet. That HAS to be exactly what happened.

What follows is one of the best musicians I have ever seen, being filmed in high definition black and white and dancing around like the craziest psycho ever. The guy at Burning Man that I’m sure none of the other hippies wanna dance around. That’s all. No plot points. No story line. Just a man and his moves. His ridiculous moves that scream “I AM A WHITE GUY!!! LOOK AT THIS CRAZY WHITE GUY!!!” I challenge you to endure it. It is something to see.

*Secret confession. I still adore this video. Even though it’s the silliest thing ever. As I said I am a super fan.
*As it turns out, with a little research, it was revealed that there was in fact a choreographer for this music video. I am convinced this isn’t true. I’m convinced the band found a crazy homeless subway person and paid him to say he was a choreographer as a practical joke on Thom.
*I have never been to Burning Man.


Justin Morgan

Justin Morgan is a comedy nerd & comedian who was initially trained in musical, dramatic and improvisational theatre. He utilizes his education along with a wealth of pop culture knowledge, love of jokes and unique storytelling ability to craft his stand-up act. His peers named him “Best New Comedian” in 2009 and the “Biggest Asset To The Atlanta Comedy Community” two years in a row. Recently he’s stepped away from behind the scenes work to focus on performing after his recent move to New York.