Poppin Battles: Bugs Bunny Vs. Daffy Duck – Raymond Spellen

 poppin battles


I made an animation video of the Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck having a dance battle against each other. I made the video myself and I drew and colored 2,219 pictures to make this animation a reality. It took about 6 months to create this video as my contribution to the dance community and I hope you enjoy. – Raymond Spellen


And pssst… You can see Raymond himself dancing here:

  • Smith Victory

    LOVE the mood/sentiment/feel of the game! LOVE the awesome but slightly cheesy music… still LOVE the game! “little wheel” is the little/small equivalent of …! Friv 2
    Friv 5
    Friv 8
    Friv 9