Hannibal Buress Gets Upset Easily

hannibal buress 2

Hannibal Buress plays The Punchline in Atlanta Friday, Oct. 21 and Sat the 22nd.  Buress is a stand up comedian from Chicago who currently resides in New York City. He’s appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, and Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. He’ll also be appearing in the upcoming documentary “The Awkward Kings of Comedy” He isn’t really awkward though. Sometimes he is. http://hannibalhannibal.tumblr.com/

“If Steven Wright, Mos Def and Dave Chappelle had a baby, that would be disgusting, but it would sound like Hannibal Buress. The funniest young comic I’ve seen in years.” – Chris Rock