Poppin Battles: Bugs Bunny Vs. Daffy Duck – Raymond Spellen

 poppin battles


I made an animation video of the Looney Tunes characters Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck having a dance battle against each other. I made the video myself and I drew and colored 2,219 pictures to make this animation a reality. It took about 6 months to create this video as my contribution to the dance community and I hope you enjoy. – Raymond Spellen


And pssst… You can see Raymond himself dancing here:

Timmy and Toehead – Timmy’s Nightmare


After a confrontation with Toehead’s step-dad Glynn over vegetables, Timmy has a nightmare that will change his outlook on eating healthy. This is the 5th episode in the animated web series “Timmy and Toehead” featuring: Will Dodd, Jenn Dodd, Sharon Jamilkowski, Percy Lambert and Dallas Dodd from Willustrations and Hungry Productions LLC, originally airing on the podcast I’ve Got Munchies 10.31.2011.


Timmy and Toehead – Will Dodd


timmy and toeheadTimmy and Toehead is just like Beavis and Butthead, only better. Toehead, the radically appendaged animated wonder and his lisping sidekick go through life discovering that all pleasures and triumphs a teenage toe-headed boy could desire might not be exactly what they seem…or are they? We had a chance to sit down with Toehead and ask him a few questions:

So Toehead, people are always trying to offer you stuff like cigarettes, beer, parties, a Moon Devil’s baby tooth…what is the secret?

Being totally aware of the dangers and falling for peer pressure every time, and having a toe for a head helps too.

Death match between your sidekick Timmy and Snail king..who wins?

I don’t know can Timmy hit him with a bigger kid?

There must be innumerable advantages of going through life with a toe for a head. Share a few?

That I’m the real deal not some stupid blonde kid. If anybody’s car ever breaks down I can always give them a toe.

So what is in the works for Toehead? Starring in any new eps on the way?

Yes! Timmy and I almost had to learn Kung Fu to deal with a school bully. Lucky for him we were to lazy. You can find it, well, here:

Featuring Will Dodd, Jenn Dodd, Percy Lambert and Sharon Jamilkowski, Timmy and Toehead is brought to you by Willustrations (where Will will draw anything you request) and Hungry Productions LLC, airing on the public access show I’ve Got Munchies.