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Please don’t tell comedian and humor ranter Kristen Carney of Sweat the Small Stuff that I ALWAYS use the divider. So that if brain-dead checkout clerks don’t look at what they are doing, the conveyor belt stops automatically…Don’t judge me, don’t judge my trust issues…

What is with the fixation with older Jewish men like Larry David and Seinfeld?

I’m fixated on anyone that is the polar opposite of the people I encountered in high school. 

The dumbest lesson anyone ever tried to teach you?

After yelling at a guy for being on his cell phone at the movies, my brother tried to teach me to be weary of who I speak my mind to because you never know if I end up alone with the guy, he could hurt me. So, I listened to my brother and instead of just telling one creepy guy what I think, I started performing stand up comedy. Because yelling at groups of people is so much safer.  

What trait tops your list for making a man un-dateable?

I’m not sure, but keeping that list makes me pretty un-dateable. 

How do you suggest someone goes about making their life worthwhile?

By following me on twitter (twitter.com/KristenCarney)

Ranting – toxic or cathartic? 

Cathartic for me, toxic to those listening to me do it.