Good Parenting – Scratchy Dog Productions


Good Parenting is a funny childrearing fantasy web series produced by Scratchy Dog Productions, a small production company based out of New York. They started out as a chance for a few friends to be creative and hopefully make a few people laugh…And then laugh some more. They now have over 18 videos and have been featured on Funny or Die and

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The Walken Dead – POYKPAC Comedy

Walken-DeadPOYKPAC Comedy makes you go, “What the FFFFF…unny?!?”

This Brooklyn based comedy troupe consists of funny people named Jenn Lyon, Maggie Ross, Ryan Hall, Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen. They had a little help from our friend Justin Morgan in The Walken Dead.

Hate by Numbers: Afro Bomber – Gladstone

Gladstone just loves to give the press a hard time, and who can blame him? Though I think he gives CNN a little more credit than they deserve. I see some frizzy Jewish hair going on with Mr. Gladstone, he might be hiding something under there…

Carolyn Meeks’ Video Diary: OCD


funny-skit-meeksCarolyn Meeks is a singer and an actress in the Big Apple and she has many, many feelings and opinions on pretty much everything. She is recording them for Comedy Rants.

Written and performed by Jenn Dodd
Edited by Sharon Jamilkowski


Jenn Dodd is an entire sketch comedy troupe in one smart, riotous little package. She is premiering her new video series with opinionated character, Carolyn Meeks, on Comedy Rants. Jenn’s must see blog and YouTube channel are her Jenneral Assembly of characters and their stories.

Hate by Numbers: Real Steel – Gladstone

HBN 72: Is “Real Steel” The Worst Hugh Jackman Movie Ever?



In the return of the fan-sponsored Hate By Numbers, Gladstone asks – is Real Steel the worst Hugh Jackman movie ever? (Yes, including Van Helsing). Check out more HBNs at

Maurica Does Carolines – DAS IT!

maurica-das-itDitch Films Presents The Yannis Pappas Show Featuring Maurica at Carolines New York

Maurica wants a taste of the good life in Weschesta and hopes you will buy tickets to see her show Thursday, September 8th, so she can pay for her tits. Her shows for the 9th and 10th are sold out, so DAS IT!


Mauricia in her very rigorus music video, with some impressive basketball and dancing from Ted Alexandro.


Timmy and Toehead – Will Dodd


timmy and toeheadTimmy and Toehead is just like Beavis and Butthead, only better. Toehead, the radically appendaged animated wonder and his lisping sidekick go through life discovering that all pleasures and triumphs a teenage toe-headed boy could desire might not be exactly what they seem…or are they? We had a chance to sit down with Toehead and ask him a few questions:

So Toehead, people are always trying to offer you stuff like cigarettes, beer, parties, a Moon Devil’s baby tooth…what is the secret?

Being totally aware of the dangers and falling for peer pressure every time, and having a toe for a head helps too.

Death match between your sidekick Timmy and Snail king..who wins?

I don’t know can Timmy hit him with a bigger kid?

There must be innumerable advantages of going through life with a toe for a head. Share a few?

That I’m the real deal not some stupid blonde kid. If anybody’s car ever breaks down I can always give them a toe.

So what is in the works for Toehead? Starring in any new eps on the way?

Yes! Timmy and I almost had to learn Kung Fu to deal with a school bully. Lucky for him we were to lazy. You can find it, well, here:

Featuring Will Dodd, Jenn Dodd, Percy Lambert and Sharon Jamilkowski, Timmy and Toehead is brought to you by Willustrations (where Will will draw anything you request) and Hungry Productions LLC, airing on the public access show I’ve Got Munchies.


Carolyn Meeks’ Video Diary – Jenn Dodd


Jenn Dodd is an entire sketch comedy troupe in one smart, riotous little package. She is premiering her new video series with opinionated character, Carolyn Meeks, on Comedy Rants. Jenn’s must see blog and YouTube channel are her Jenneral Assembly of characters and their stories.


I’m not sure why, but I have always taken great delight in watching people become enraged. Two reasons spring to mind A) there is something quite raw and rather honest about anger and I suppose it makes me uncomfortable. Which, in turn, makes me laugh. And B) I can think of very few situations that are truly rant or rage-worthy in every-day life. I say the following as a former customer service representative for Verizon Wireless; there is nothing more hilarious than watching someone scream at a bill payment machine.

So, you can imagine, I was thrilled to film a video with the prompt of “comedy rant”. Carolyn Meeks is a character who’s hopelessly skewed perspective on life is only perpetuated by her own navel gazing. Which made her the perfect candidate for a video diary on “things that she finds unjust.”

Carolyn Meeks’ Video Diary is the first of a series and I am thrilled to premier it on – Jenn Dodd

Jarrod Harris talks Action Figure Therapy

Action Figure Therapy features action figures talking (well, mostly ranting) to therapists about their problems at work and at home. The series is produced by Dan Bialek and is co-written and predominantly voiced by one of my fav rising star Atlanta comedians, Jarrod Harris. Jarrod let me ask him a few questions about this kick-ass series he is in and his life song.

Who are the characters you voice on Action Figure Therapy? 

Jungle Recon (star of the series)

Jungles’ Grandpa (the old man)

Snow Patrol (black dude)

Nesbit Faulkner (weirdo)

Bomb Squad Betty (the woman)

Communications guy (Another weirdo)

I will be introducing some more later on too.


How does it feel to be on a top web video series, but continue to go completely unrecognized because it’s voice acting?

It’s good to be doing something that is growing and really can’t be stopped  That is GREAT!  It’s very frustrating when people love something you do but don’t really care that it’s you behind the thing they love so much.  It’s like being jerked off on and when everyone’s done they just leave and don’t offer shit in return.  What I’m saying is if you like AFT, COME TO MY DAMN SHOWS!  Now there are a lot of people who care enough to click on the info below the videos, find me and actually like my fan page and come to shows, and those people are amazing.  I really need people to know about what I am doing in order to keep doing comedy and not get a real job.  Hopefully, these people will stop dumping their loads and take the time to find who they been spewing on, find my fan page and start coming to shows fuck nuts!  I’m kidding but I’m kind of serious.  If you’re not going to come to a show then at the very least, let me spew on something of yours.


Which AFT character are you most like?

None of them.  They are just annoying people I’ve lived around my whole life.  It’s easier to make fun of them than it is to punch them.  You’ll go to jail for that.  And even though I have a good KO average, I’m not exactly prison ready.  I haven’t worked out since the 90′s and I don’t need prison rape to get in the way of my life goals.


You are in LA, then Atlanta, LA, Atlanta, LA, Atlanta…So are there two of you, LA Jarrod and Atlanta Jarrod? How do they differ?

I’m just me.  I don’t understand the question.  I don’t change anything about myself when I go to LA or when I am in any other part of the country.  LA Jarrod doesn’t sweat as much.


Most people don’t know about your past profession. What was the hardest thing about being a Vietnamese Lounge Singer?

That would probably have to be the fact that I don’t even speaking Vietnamese. :)

Visit Jarrod’s Interwebs


5 things about Kristen Carney

Kristen Carney funny rant

Please don’t tell comedian and humor ranter Kristen Carney of Sweat the Small Stuff that I ALWAYS use the divider. So that if brain-dead checkout clerks don’t look at what they are doing, the conveyor belt stops automatically…Don’t judge me, don’t judge my trust issues…

What is with the fixation with older Jewish men like Larry David and Seinfeld?

I’m fixated on anyone that is the polar opposite of the people I encountered in high school. 

The dumbest lesson anyone ever tried to teach you?

After yelling at a guy for being on his cell phone at the movies, my brother tried to teach me to be weary of who I speak my mind to because you never know if I end up alone with the guy, he could hurt me. So, I listened to my brother and instead of just telling one creepy guy what I think, I started performing stand up comedy. Because yelling at groups of people is so much safer.  

What trait tops your list for making a man un-dateable?

I’m not sure, but keeping that list makes me pretty un-dateable. 

How do you suggest someone goes about making their life worthwhile?

By following me on twitter (

Ranting – toxic or cathartic? 

Cathartic for me, toxic to those listening to me do it.