Hannibal Buress Gets Upset Easily

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Hannibal Buress plays The Punchline in Atlanta Friday, Oct. 21 and Sat the 22nd.  Buress is a stand up comedian from Chicago who currently resides in New York City. He’s appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen, and Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. He’ll also be appearing in the upcoming documentary “The Awkward Kings of Comedy” He isn’t really awkward though. Sometimes he is. http://hannibalhannibal.tumblr.com/

“If Steven Wright, Mos Def and Dave Chappelle had a baby, that would be disgusting, but it would sound like Hannibal Buress. The funniest young comic I’ve seen in years.” – Chris Rock


Katt Williams Takes On Latino Heckler

katt-williams-rantWe saw a lot of press accusing Katt Williams of anti-Mexican rhetoric that sounded like he was on a hate speech rampage. But I had never seen the footage. My interpretation of this is that he was clearly debating with one guy, and maybe took it too far and long because the crowd was loving it. Besides being a very long time for a show to be dedicated to a heckler, he might have slipped in a few statements just at the very end that would have been over the edge into what others can interpret as hate speech. It does seem that the press just took it and went with it because it must have been a slow news day, but he fed it to them.

BANK HEIST – Kevin Hart


kevin hartFunnyman Kevin Hart is starring in a theatrical version of his 2011 LAUGH AT MY PAIN comedy tour that swept the nation and earned more than $15,000,000 in ticket sales. The 90-city LAUGH AT MY PAIN tour is one of the most successful Comedy Concerts in history. Hart’s 2-day performance raised the bar and broke Eddie Murphy’s long standing record of being the first African-American Comedian to surpass over $1.1 million two-day live Comedy show ticket sales.

Hartbeat Productions and CODEBLACK Entertainment are proud to bring you the historical, record-breaking and side-splitting stand-up of Kevin Hart in LAUGH AT MY PAIN. This is an excerpt from the movie.

Louis CK Honors George Carlin

Louis CK speaks about George Carlin and the inspiration George had on his career. This was shot at a tribute ceremony for George Carlin at the New York Public Library in March of 2010. The intro is by George’s daughter, Kelly Carlin, who has been doing a lot of work supporting the comedy community and honoring her Dad.



Maurica Does Carolines – DAS IT!

maurica-das-itDitch Films Presents The Yannis Pappas Show Featuring Maurica at Carolines New York

Maurica wants a taste of the good life in Weschesta and hopes you will buy tickets to see her show Thursday, September 8th, so she can pay for her tits. Her shows for the 9th and 10th are sold out, so DAS IT!


Mauricia in her very rigorus music video, with some impressive basketball and dancing from Ted Alexandro.


CR Interview – Ted Alexandro

 ted-alexandroTed Alexandro is a stand up comedian, actor and filmmaker whose insightful comedy routines brand him as a thinking man’s ranter. Ted has performed on David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson, The View and two half-hour specials on Comedy Central; and has appeared on the television shows “Oz”, “Dr. Katz” and “Louie”. Ted collaborates with his friend Hollis James on web videos including the popular “Kiss Our American Ass” and critic’s favorite, “Nobody’s Dummy”.

You have mentioned that you use humor as a way to connect, as do most comedians. If you were not communicating and connecting through stand up or performing, what would you use as an outlet for communication?

I would probably be writing, acting, making music, taking pictures, drawing, doing anything artistic. I’ve always loved having different creative outlets and I’ll continue to create as long as I’m able. 

Having travelled extensively, is there a place where you think people could work on their sense of humor?

It’s not so much that people don’t have a sense of humor in other places, it’s that the cultural context may be very different than what I am used to in America. Certain cultures do not joke publicly about certain topics, whether it’s sex, religion, politics, class. Other countries may do that in private but it’s not to the point where they do it out in the open at a comedy club because they don’t exist. 

But I also think that travel has taught me that human interactions are basically the same everywhere. Of course, specific nuances of language and cultural idiosyncrasies of a comedy act are sometimes lost in translation but the basic themes resonate everywhere.

You have a great twitter following and have definitely mastered the art of the interesting tweet. What do you see is the biggest mistake people make on twitter?

The good thing about twitter is that it tells you what mistakes you’re making- reflected in your followers and/or retweets. My approach is to share my thoughts, uncensored, when I have something to say, whether funny or not. It’s a window into what’s going on in my head. Twitter is like a relationship; sometimes I want to spend a lot of time with it and other times I need a break. I don’t want to be tethered to my phone or computer, pumping out tweets every five minutes, all day, every day. I need space and private time where not every thought is shared with the universe. 

You joke about being single. I suspect that people ask you the dreaded question on dates, “So how/why have you managed to be single all these years?” How do you like to answer?

I guess the answer is “By not getting married.” I really haven’t had much of a plan for anything, be it personal or professional. I go along with what feels like the right path and keep moving in that direction until a change is indicated. I would welcome marriage and children if the right relationship comes into my life. 

What is your all-time favorite comedy rant?

That’s a tough question. I don’t have one all-time favorite. I’ll name a few I love. 

  • George Carlin’s rant about “The American Dream.”
  • Bill Cosby’s rant about “The Dentist.”
  • Louis CK’s rant about “Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy.”
  • Dave Attell’s rant about “Love/The Lonely Bug”
  • It’s not a rant per se but Woody Allen’s story “The Moose” is so brilliant and hilarious.

You can keep up with Ted’s current works and touring schedule at tedalexandro.com. He will be performing at Gotham Comedy Club September 16 and 17th and at the Laughing Skull in Atlanta September 29-October 2nd.

The American Dream – George Carlin

George Carlin The American Dream

Hello, and welcome to Comedy Rants. We are pleased to rant with you. This is our very first post, a comedy rant as classic as it gets, by the ruler of the rant, George Carlin. You have probably seen it before, but it only gets better with time because you can note how many of Carlin’s predictions have come true.